Red Bank\’s Porch Fest

The town\’s buzzing, the porches are being prepped, and Red Bank\’s streets are filled with palpable excitement! As the calendar marks Sunday, October 1st, 2023, we are all gearing up for the annual festivity that brings our community together – the Red Bank\’s Porch Fest. And guess what? Scarlet Reserve Room is thrilled to be right in the heart of it all!

A Porch Fest Like No Other!

Every year, the Porch Fest transforms our beautiful town into a live music venue. Local bands, musicians, and artists showcase their talent from the welcoming porches of our community members, turning every walk through Red Bank into a musical journey. Streets come alive with tunes from every genre, neighbors share laughter and stories, and new friends are made at every corner.

Scarlet Reserve Room Joins the Festivities

For those unfamiliar with the event\’s layout or those eager to make the most of this musical day, we\’ve got you covered. Swing by Scarlet Reserve Room to grab your free map of the Porch Fest. Our map ensures you won\’t miss out on any of your favorite performers or porches.

But that\’s not all! While you\’re here, why not take a moment to relax and enjoy a smoke? Our cozy ambiance provides the perfect respite amidst the lively festivities. It\’s a chance to mingle with fellow festival-goers, share your musical discoveries of the day, and perhaps even make plans for the next porch on your list.

A Day of Community and Unity

The Porch Fest isn\’t just about music; it\’s a celebration of Red Bank\’s unique spirit. It\’s a day when barriers melt away, music unites us, and the whole town feels like one big family.

Scarlet Reserve Room is proud to be a part of this incredible tradition. Our doors are open wide, welcoming both regulars and newcomers alike. We\’re not just a stop on the map; we\’re a part of the Red Bank community, and we can\’t wait to celebrate this day with all of you.

So, mark your calendars, invite your friends, and get ready for a Porch Fest that promises memories, music, and moments of shared joy. And remember, when in need of a map, a smoke, or just a moment to relax – Scarlet Reserve Room is the place to be. See you this Sunday!